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When you’d rather not live in the moment

“They” say to live in the moment but what about the moments you’d rather not live in? They say God will never give you more than you can bear so I must be stronger than superman.

Can I just talk to you as a normal christian with problems right now? Thanks. I often wonder if the same people who say these things have ever been through anything that makes you just want to run off the side of the road? Like I can’t help but wonder where God is going with all of this. Looking at family members who have been serving him the majority of their life and have reached old age and still no “breakthrough”. Is this what I have to look forward to? Is this the life I’m supposed to be excited and enthusiastic about? Have those people saying “weeping will endure for a night” have you ever been so broke that you don’t even have enough money to get gas to go to work? You say you don’t have money but lets face it, you’ll always have both parents to lean on for it when you need it. You’ll always have family willing and able to buy you any pair of shoes, any outfit, any new phone or tablet whenever you ask but yet you continue to “preach” on something you’ve never been through. Someone with real issues please give me some words.


Rest In Peace to iconic fashion designer Lilly Pulitzer



Today, iconic fashion designer Lilly Pulitzer has passed away at the age of 81. She died in Palm Beach, FL surrounded by her closest family. Known for her distinct brightly colored tops, pants, and dresses, her cause of death has not yet been determined. 

The Lilly Pulitzer brand was born around the year 1959 and this beautiful style and legacy will live on for many years to come. You will be missed Mrs. Pulitzer! 

Trayvon Martin’s Parents Awarded Over $1 Million In Wrongful Death Claim Settlement


A small piece of justice for Trayvon Martin’s parents…

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Georgia High School Students Organize First-Ever Integrated Prom

Just taking a moment

Sometimes we get so caught up in life that we forget to talk to, appreciate, and thank the one who gave and is continuing to give us life each day forgetting that some people are literally fighting for their lives. So thank you God for keeping me!

R.I.P: Legendary Film Critic Roger Ebert Dead At Age 70 After Battle With Cancer


Sad news to report…

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Will You Be Watching? “Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s” Phaedra Parks Gets Her Own Bravo Spinoff Show

Well Mrs. Parks is finally getting her [much needed] own spotlight


We’re shocked they’re not calling it “Donkey Booty”.

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Obsession of the week: Sweet Frog Yogurt!

So I’ve been hearing about Sweet Frog since late 2012 when it opened in my college-town. But since I’m not the biggest yogurt fan, I didn’t make my first visit until last week. I never knew that frozen yogurt could be so good, maybe not so healthy (since my yogurt consisted of cake batter yogurt, m&ms, and cake chunks) but good. If you have a Sweet Frog in your city, I suggest that you should make a trip soon! It might just change your day 🙂Image

Really??? McDonald’s Restaurant Requires Cashiers To Have A College Degree For $10 An Hour Job

The college degree is almost like a high school diploma these days…just not free


Flipping burgers at McDonald’s now requires a higher level of education.

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Babies For Bandz: Pregnant Woman Attempts To Sell One Of Her Unborn Twin Baby Boys For $3,000 On The Internet


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